Grading & Seeding

Franco’s Landscaping has the appropriate equipment and skilled landscapers to properly grade and seed your lawn. Whether you need to start from the ground up or just need a little TLC, our landscaping team can transform your yard and bring it back to life. Depending upon how quickly you’d like to achieve results, we’ll meet with you to discuss the following options:

‍Grading -Sometimes the leveling of land where the lawn is being constructed is necessary. In order to prep your outdoor living space, we’ll begin by removing the topsoil layer and sculpt the land with a bulldozer. This process results in a desired level sculpt and ensures proper water flow.

Regular Seeding – Regular seeding is an inexpensive option which allows you to have more grass types and varieties to choose from. It’s a great option for select areas on your lawn that need attention. The only downside is that it that the seeded area is inaccessible until the seed is fully established.

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