Pruning Services

Pruning is another key aspect of landscape maintenance that needs to be done on a regular basis.

Franco’s Landscaping has provided landscaping services, including pruning services, throughout the Southern New Jersey area for over 10 years. Our crews have the knowledge and experience to properly prune all of your plant material including ornamental trees, shrubs, formal hedges and flowering perennials, using the right techniques and equipment. We also have the knowledge to ensure pruning work is performed at the proper time of the year for our local climate.

Most pruning is done with hand pruners and hand loppers, as we intend to let most plants grow and remain in their natural form, which is when they are most beautiful. Hedge trimmers are only used on formal, sheared plant specimens, never on non-formal shrubs.

Ongoing, proper pruning is key to the health and success of your landscape. If you have plants that have been neglected and are overgrown, we may be able to bring them back to proper form with regenerative or reduction pruning. Then, be sure they get the routine maintenance pruning they need!

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